The 3 Rivers Division has an inventory of DVD programs available for checkout by NMRA members. To submit your request, please download the following request form, complete it, and return it to us using the Contact Us option at the top of this page. We will then try to have your DVD at the next Division 3 meeting. The form contains the detailed instructions.

Date Title Type/Size Comments
05/05/2014 "Simplified" Signaling for Modelers 3.17 MB Presented at Cleveland 2014 National Convention, candidate for EduTRAIN program
04/16/2014 The Jonesville Turn 2.6 MB B&O Lost Division experience
01/03/2014 L&N Bridge, Henderson, KY 2.63 MB Pictures dated November 28, 2013.
09/16/2013 I did not understand at the time... 1.09 MB B&O Lost Division experience
07/02/2013 State Line Road 468.97 KB
12/09/2012 VJ Tower 1.25 MB B&O Lost Division experience
09/08/2012 Wabash Motors 413.16 KB A cardstock structure
10/01/2008 Intense Passenger Operations at Albany, New York 306.2 KB Published in October 2008 OPSIG Dispatcher's Office
08/21/2007 Cardstock Structures 2007 62.81 KB Print and cut buildings
07/30/2006 Fusee at Bigburg 409.35 KB Published in July 2007 OPSIG Dispatcher’s Office