Union Pacific

This layout is a modern freelanced version of the Union Pacific Kansas Subdivision from Kansas City to Marysville, Kansas.

The main line is approximately 350 feet long and features several passing sidings, along with double track from Kansas City to West Topeka. Also featured are the BNSF crossing and interchange at East Topeka and a Kansas City Terminal Railroad industrial area. The East staging yard is 18th Street Yard in Kansas City and the West staging yard is North Platte Yard. 18th Street Yard is also the classification yard and engine terminal for the layout.

There are 9 industries on the KCT, 5 on the BNSF, and 21 on the UP which are switched using 4 different locals. Typically between 22 and 26 trains are run during an operating session.


Downstairs, narrow aisles, duckunder

Division or Location: 

Kansas Subdivision


Mainline and switching layout; peninsula, around the wall, mushroom design



Size of Railroad: 

25 x 28 ft basement; car count varies monthly, 300 - 600 on layout


Present day


Track: 100%; Scenery: 20%; Electrical: 100% (with signals in the future) The layout has been under construction for about 6 years, so there is little scenery at this time.

Control System: 

Easy DCC system

Number of Crew: 

Minimum: 8; Maximum: 10

Length of Session: 

5+ hours; break for lunch; flexible end time to finish session. Soda pop and bottled water will be provided. Observers allowed but limited space for non-participants.

Scale Clock Speed: 


Traffic Control: 

Dispatcher, HMRI signal system, car cards

Radios Required: 

Yes, but they are provided

Listed Jobs: 

Dispatcher, 18th Street Yardmaster, and operators (Engineer / Conductor)