River Falls & Eastern Railway Company

The River Falls & Eastern Railway is a freelanced, 2nd class railroad set in 1959 and running from Clarksburg, WV, to Staunton, VA. Branch lines run to other WV locations. The mainline is over 400 feet, with sidings and numerous industries. This railroad is operated on a monthly basis. Train information is readily available on the clipboard and wall map in the dispatcher's office located in the crew room downstairs in an enclosed patio. Telephone and radio links keep the upstairs crews in contact with the dispatcher. This is a busy railroad and idle crew members are requested to remain downstairs.


Not handicap accessible; upstairs in garage with narrow aisles.

Division or Location: 

Virginia and West Virginia


The railroad supports mainline freights, coal and coke runs, and industrial road locals. Two yardmasters prepare the trains; there is much switching throughout the layout. Tracks run around the walls with a center peninsula.


HO standard gauge

Size of Railroad: 

28 x 38 double-stacked inside top level of garage; 600 to 650 cars during a session.


Summer 1959.


Track, Scenery, and Electrical completed in a very realistic fashion.

Control System: 

Digitrax system using tethered throttles; with two yardmaster jobs using radio throttles.

Number of Crew: 

10 operators preferred (15 maximum). During ops weekend, 2 regular operators available to help out and answer questions.

Length of Session: 

4 hours with break.

Scale Clock Speed: 


Traffic Control: 

Dispatcher controlled using wheel reports and switch lists, with car cards and waybills. All trains are run in sequence.

Radios Required: 

Everything supplied. 2 yardmasters use radios; all others use block line to connect to dispatcher and operate using verbal commands.

Listed Jobs: 

During ops weekend, 23 - 27 jobs will be posted as well as 2 jobs for Homecrest Yard and 1 yard crew for Diamond Coal. Trains are operated by single person working as engineer and conductor. 2 Homecrest Yard operators may exchange duties halfway through session.

Further Information:
RF&E can be found in the April 2016 edition of Model Railroader.
On YouTube, search for River Falls & Eastern Railroad.

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