PRR Toledo Division

The PRR Toledo Division in the 1950’s runs from just west of Mansfield, Ohio, to Detroit with a branch line from Columbus, Ohio, to the docks at Sandusky, Ohio.

The modeled portion of the Toledo division runs from Toledo to Carrothers, Ohio, where the branch line from Columbus crossed. Staging on the lower level represents Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Chicago.

Major areas of operations are: 1) the interchange at Carrothers; 2) Tiffin and its local industries; 3) lime plants at Millersville and Gibsonburg, Ohio; 4) Outer Yard in Toledo; 5) downtown Toledo and associated industries along Water St; and 6) the Ann Arbor RR that serviced industries in North Toledo.

Operations involve through freights, passenger (both local and The Red Arrow), way freights, and yard work.


Basement layout with duckunder. 3' aisle spacing.

Division or Location: 

Toledo Division


Double stacked with peninsulas and staging on the 3rd lower level. Layout is walk-around with one duckunder. There are 2 helixes with operating areas inside each one.



Size of Railroad: 

24' x 30'; ~600 cars.




Track: 100%; Scenery: 10%; Electrical: 100%.

Control System: 

Digitrax duplex radio.

Number of Crew: 

Minimum: 10; Maximum: 14.

Length of Session: 

4 hours. Snacks served. Observers welcome.

Scale Clock Speed: 


Traffic Control: 

Dispatcher, waybills, and wheel reports.

Radios Required: 

Radios are supplied.

Listed Jobs: 

8 jobs. Engineer / conductor; yardmaster; mainline freight / passenger; local switching.

Additional Information: