The NoWhere Line

The Norfolk Southern-based NoWhere Line is a freelance modern railroad offering switching and shortline operations. Of operational interest is the signal system on the layout. The railroad has a steady flow of traffic and the interchange among the three yards and staging is a focus of operation. For car forwarding, the railroad uses 1) car cards and waybills or 2) JMRI manifests and switchlists. With emphasis on switching, train lengths are not long - less than ten cars. Cabooses are available for those who want to use them.

Operations: Fourth Thursday, 6:30 - 9:30 PM, Monthly except Nov. and Dec.



Division or Location: 

Freelance Eastern US (NW / NS)


Switching layout with double- and single-track main; upper branch, Timesaver module



Size of Railroad: 

17 x 13, around the walls; 11 locomotives; ~85 cars




Track 100%, Scenery 40%; Electrical: 90%

Control System: 

Digitrax DCC - Zephyr, wireless

Number of Crew: 

Minimum: 1; Maximum: 6

Length of Session: 

3+ hours; midpoint snack break, change of jobs if desired

Scale Clock Speed: 

1 to 1

Traffic Control: 

1) Car cards and waybills or 2) JMRI manifests and switchlists, Timetable, Trackside signals (Signals By Spreadsheet).

Radios Required: 

No radios, No dispatcher

Listed Jobs: 

Traffic Manager
Yard Jobs with local switching:

  (Bigburg usually has a team of 2 persons)
  BB - Bigburg Local; TS - Timesaver Local (Bigburg);
  SV - Smallville Local
Mainline Jobs: (usually take 15 - 25 minutes depending on traffic)
  FEW - Freight East West (sweep the railroad, 4 runs)
  CR - Coal Run; UB - Upper Branch (4 runs)
Excursion Jobs: (15 - 25 minutes, observe timetable, don't spill the coffee)
  HHB, HHL, HHS - Hungry Hobo Bigburg, Local, Smallville
Local Jobs:
  UI - Upper Industrial; WW - Whyte's Mountain, Wahl Local (2 runs)
  BB - Bigburg; SV - Smallville

Additional Information: