Note: The LB&WC is a display layout open to invited guests. See the Three Rivers OPSIG Yahoo group page for details about visiting the layout in Warsaw, IN. The LB&WC Rail Lines (Layed Back & Who Cares) has 932 feet of track, covers an area of 24' x 37', and is well landscaped. The river is 30' long, originating in the mountains and terminating in a bay which depicts the Edmund Fitzgerald ore carrier among other scenes. There are some animated signs and digital sounds enhancing certain areas. There is a good collection of railroad memorabilia to add interest. This is an excellent layout to just watch and enjoy.


Wheelchair accessible in separate, finished building; restroom facilities

Division or Location: 

Generic, freelanced, all intended for enjoyment


Mainline freight and passenger with switching



Size of Railroad: 

24' 4" x 37', around the walls with peninsula


Steam and diesel


Track 100%, Scenery 100%; Electrical: 100%

Control System: