CSX Plymouth Subdivision

The CSX Plymouth Sub layout was built for operation. It is a point-to-point layout modeling specific locations between Plymouth and Brighton, MI - roughly 25 miles. As a member of the "Ohio Interchange Group", the traffic on the layout is generated by members of the group. One will see 20 to 25 trains generated from 3 staging yards, representing Chicago, Detroit, and Toledo. The layout is staffed by a dispatcher who walks around the layout, lining up signals by HMRI (HMRI is a signal system that has no wiring.) Also there are 2 yard operators who switch cars and build trains. One of the yard operators switches a Ford Assembly Plant. The layout also has a shortline railroad that switches an Industrial Park serving 10 industries. As a railroad engineer in real life, the owner will share some of the inside experiences that affect the industry every day.


Downstairs, 40" duckunder

Division or Location: 

CSX Plymouth Subdivision from Plymouth, MI, to Brighton, MI


Mainline running with switching; around the walls with peninsulas



Size of Railroad: 

30' x 60'; 400 - 500 cars


2013 - present


Track: 100%; Scenery: 85%; Electrical: 100%

Control System: 

Easy DCC

Number of Crew: 

Minimum: 8; Maximum: 10;

Length of Session: 

3 1/2 hours, flexible end time; soft drinks and water served

Scale Clock Speed: 


Traffic Control: 

HMRI signaling by a dispatcher.

Radios Required: 

Radios are supplied

Listed Jobs: 

8 jobs total; all 1-person jobs
Road jobs (5)
Yard jobs (3)