Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, Logan Subdivision

The Dispatcher will dispatch crews from Huntington and Peach Creek. The Yardmaster at Peach Creek will handle trains in and out of the terminal. In some cases, he/she may use assigned power to assist trains out of the yard. The engine terminal at Peach Creek will refuel and turn engines on the table; power will be in and out of the roundhouse constantly. Pusher engines will assist heavy trains from Huntington to Peach Creek and return light to help the next train. Terminal to terminal, Locals, Way freights, Mine runs, Passenger and Yard jobs add up to an interesting mix of operations for those who participate! During 2010, this layout has undergone a transformation into a more-prototypical operating system. Railroaders (with combined experience of 100 years) have been assisting with the operational aspects of the layout. Some will be present during OPSIG 2011 and will be available for your questions during the break.


Upstairs, not handicap accessible. Allergy info: A cat lives in the house.

Division or Location: 

Logan Subdivision, Chesapeake & Ohio Railway


Mine runs, Locals, Passenger, Industrial switching, Yard transfers; Layout is walk-in, around the walls.



Size of Railroad: 

9 x 15, double deck, with staging and industry in adjoining bedroom; 220 cars


1950's; half steam, half diesel.


Track 100%, Scenery 95%; Electrical: 100%

Control System: 

Digitrax DCC

Number of Crew: 

Minimum: 4; Maximum: 6

Length of Session: 

4 hours; 15 minute refreshment break after 2 hours. The session will end on the mark to allow the railroaders mentioned above to be on their way home.

Scale Clock Speed: 


Traffic Control: 

Operations are controlled through dispatcher; trains run in sequential order; operators use switchlists for train work.

Radios Required: 

Radios will be provided.

Listed Jobs: 

Several jobs as described above.

Additional Information: