Registration Form for Three Rivers Operations Weekend 2017

April 7, 8, and 9, 2017; Northeast Indiana / Northwest Ohio

Instructions: To register for Three Rivers Operations Weekend 2017, please follow these steps:

  1. Please indicate your First, Second & Third Preferences for each of the FOUR (4) Op Sessions. Some things to remember:
    1. Sunday is OPTIONAL. You should only select a Preference if you are certain you will stay over for Sunday. Local operators - Please do not select Sunday. We'd like to save these for our guest operators.
    2. Hickman's “River Falls & Eastern” and Finkler’s “PRR - Toledo” are located in the Toledo area. These should be selected together, as they will be starting later, and ending later to give you time to get there.
  2. Optionally, print the completed form before submitting it if you want a paper copy.
    You will receive an automated email with this information when you submit it.
  3. Use the Submit button to complete your reservation.

We will attempt to assign you to your layouts according to available layout space. Information on our layouts can be found on our layouts page at

For the primary registrant, please enter –